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Quick Note:
My art is drawn in-pen, then colored with Photoshop~!
They're just labeled "Digital" because of the coloring. :D

My gallery is mainly composed of everything Nintendo, though more specifically Smash Bros.-related. There may possibly be other wonderful goodies, but mostly stuff that's got some Smash-relation or another. :music:

I have it so my art is generally able to be enjoyed by everyone. The pictures can be interpreted in more than one way, so there shouldn't be much argument in what something could mean!

And if you don't like something, hey, I'm not forcing you to look at my stuff. It won't hurt my feelings if you don't. Just please keep your meanies-n-hate to yourself, thanks~! :heart:

Well, at least ask me, I almost always say "yes" but please still ask. If you just took them like that, that'd make me disappoint... ( . _.);





Okay, so I was a tad underwhelmed, though I still had my jaw-drops, eh? :D
Anywho! If it wasn't known already, the WiiU 50-Fact Extravaganza had already passed, and I am quite baffle-dazzled. Some rumors were true, and others, still wowed me for what I had already known-or-expected.

So in short, I'll just list them out, to save everybuddy the trouble of my usual jabber. ^^;
- Aww, no DLC (Oh, except Ah-Hah)! Oh well!
- Oh! That's why there are so many Koopalings!
- Great, I get to hear Viridi again. And again. And... again, hm.
- So much content, so little time to soak!
- Roll~!!! :heart:
- Happy, fanboys? Cause I don't mind it, I'm laughing!
(Still not a Newcomer if they've been there before though.)
- Now, no more whining!! ( * O*);

Fuu! I almost forgot what I wanted to say in all that, so it should be no surprise if what I said seemed rather cryptic, but Inno was there too for some reason. Ah well, we're both happy. :nod:
I actually had a comic for someone that didn't come today, but I'll be sure to put it up despite it.
...Once I get home!! :noes:

(Why is Eldin shouting so much, she's in the library again...?) :faint:
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MewKwota's Profile Picture
Just Call Me Eldin
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Info About La Moi~
Age: "No" :|
Gender: Female
Species: Something Between a Raichu and a Human?
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Height: Mario<Me<Tsux
Weight: Pikachu<Me<Tsux
Aliases: Mew, Eldin, Clefairy35(my comic name)

Likes: Drawing, Nintendo, Smash Bros, Apple Juice, Ducks, Platypi, UTAU, VOCALOID, Learning about Cultures/Languages, Hetalia, Mini Food Erasers, Voice Acting, Sushi, Crossovers
Dislikes: Bashing/Trolling, Bad Language, Lint, Ants, Anything that looks like skin infection, Racism, Dishonesty, Being Cliche just to Fit In, Being Mean, Heavy Breathing, Shipping wars

:bulletred: Nice to meet you, all!
Most people call me Mew and I don't mind that at all.
I am the creator of UTAU Tsux Namine and the other PANloids, and a major Nin-nerd (my name for Nintendo-fan).
I am a "bit" obsessed with the Smash Bros. Series... So much that I could talk hours about it.

:bulletorange: I'm quite friendly with people, so I ain't gonna bite anyone~ Interesting conversations and comments are welcome!
Enjoy the art~!!

:bulletyellow: And try not to bash, yes? ( ' v');
I respect the opinion of everyone, and quite neutral-thoughted to many things. Debating is alright, but I don't tolerate bashing/trolling, or rude comments. Constructive criticism is one thing, but I'd prefer that we keep the tones in a mellow fashion, okay?

:bulletgreen: This is a verbal-friendly zone! :heart:
Be nice and I'll be so in return!

Yaoi, yuri, hetero, whatever-- we can all live along just fine.
Love is love, so keep it that way~!

Sorry, I only do requests, gifts, and the like just for close friends.

With that, a friendship is built over time, just asking to be my "friend" isn't how it works, right? That's manipulative in my book. ( . _.);
Please do not force me to do things, for I may take it cynically. :<

Related Peoples:
:iconmarykosmosver2: (Sister)
:iconoombala: (Cousin)
:iconflowingsakura: (Cousin)

RL Bubbies:

Smash Force-based Gaia:…
Mabinogi: Tsuxii, Paing, Pitto, Chroms (All in Tarlach)

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Johnshi Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I feel impressed on how you used the characters in a cute way. perhaps I may be interested in commissions if I get more familiar?
MewKwota Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
I'm happy to hear you like my works, thank you~! :meow:
Though, I sorry to say I don't really do commissions. I don't (or plan to as of now) have a means of payment, and I don't really need Points for anything. ^^;
Johnshi Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Oh.... Thanks

I am somewhat enthralled by the works that I may imagine some characters going cross-dressing like Pit! X3
erikatheraindeer Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hi Mew. Sorry if I'm spamming your stuff. I just like your art, and interested in other headcanons. An author's gotta have a thirst for inspiration, y'know? Though I keep collecting stuff on ones I really like. I gotta give Fox and co. more love... Not just the kids and hotties.
MewKwota Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Well, I do appreciate your interest in my works. I never really mind having long-winded conversations with others, it just adds to more intellectual stuff we can share with each other. But I do also wanna apologize that if I somehow end up sounding bitter-or-annoyed, that normally isn't me, I've just been pickled with a bit of things regarding my head that leave me prickly.
So that's just on bad timing, and not on you, yeah? ^^;

But as for finding other depictions of said character, you may wanna see other people's Pages. Or research those other guys more. While I don't work with them much, I still have to tell myself to give a bare minimum of depiction in my lists so they don't seem so biased. But even then, I don't wanna force myself to do a thing, especially when I'm not 100% interested in them.
You don't normally ask a person who loves drawing cute things to draw gore, now do we? ( ~' 3')~
leairon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
i wub that marth dancing is adorbs
MewKwota Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Ah, I know, isn't he~? I got that from an old friend many-moons-ago who found it somewhere and shared it with me.
He's been dancing around here ever since. :heart:
leairon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
god i want to dance with him now
Zucanki Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I just wanted to same I'm pretty much in love with your art you make right now. Especially, your newer pictures!
MewKwota Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, why that's very kind of you, thanks~! :meow:
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