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About Traditional Art / Student Just Call Me EldinFemale/United States Groups :iconfe-rp: FE-RP
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My art is drawn by-hand, in-pen~! :dummy:
They're just labeled "Digital" because I color on Photoshop!

My gallery is mainly composed of everything Nintendo, though more specifically Smash Bros.-related. There may possibly be other wonderful goodies, but mostly stuff that's got some Smash-relation or another.

What's polyvalency?
I have it so my art is generally able to be enjoyed by everyone. While I may have my interpretation as the creator, the pictures can be interpreted in more than one way, so there shouldn't be much argument in what something could mean. Otherwise, I ask that we please stay respectful.

Don't like? X-out!!
Hey, I'm not forcing you to look at my stuff.
It won't hurt my feelings if you don't.
Just please keep your meanies-n-hate to yourself, thanks~! :heart::heart::heart:

Well, at least ask me first, kyuul? I reply fairly quickly!
I'd just like to know what you're using it for. ( ' v')b


It's hard to believe it's almost drawing near to Anime Expo this year! ( o 3o);
And while I'll be going, it kinda pricks that I cannot wear my Tsux cosplay like last year, because my skin is just too sensitive to wear ear/headphones, huggy clothing, and basically everything my kiddo wears. :noes:

As a result, I had to resort into asking my mother to make an emergency cosplay I could wear that was still comfortable.
So, if you see a cheap Monkey D. Luffy that's always whining about her neck, that's me.

That is if anyone else of ye bubbies be goin' too~ Otherwise, have a good one! :dummy:
I'll try to take more pictures this time if my phone memory let's me. ( ' <');
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MewKwota's Profile Picture
Just Call Me Eldin
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Info About La Moi~
Age: "No" :|
Gender: Female
Species: Something Between a Raichu and a Human?
Ethnicity: 'Murican-born Vietnamese
Height: Mario<Me<Tsux
Weight: Pikachu<Me<Tsux
Aliases: Mew, Eldin, Clefairy35(my comic name)

Likes: Drawing, Nintendo, Smash Bros, Apple Juice, Ducks, Platypi, UTAU, VOCALOID, Learning about Cultures/Languages, Hetalia, Mini Food Erasers, Voice Acting, Sushi, Crossovers
Dislikes: Bashing/Trolling, Bad Language, Lint, Ants, Anything that looks like skin infection, Racism, Dishonesty, Being Cliche just to Fit In, Being Mean, Heavy Breathing, Shipping wars
I won't ever declare what fandoms/shippings/etc. I'm not into, I worry that I'll hurt someone's feelings. You'll need to ask me if you are so greatly curious, cool? ( ; v; )b

:bulletred: Nice to meet you, all!
Outside of Devi, I am currently a Pharmaceutical Chemistry major attending the University of "None of Your Business".
I am also the creator/voice-provider of UTAU Tsux Namine and the other PANloids, not to mention a major Nin-nerd (my name for Nintendo-fan).
I am a "bit" obsessed with the Smash Bros. Series... So much that I could talk hours about it.

:bulletorange: I'm quite friendly with people, so I ain't gonna bite anyone~ Interesting conversations and comments are welcome!
Enjoy the art~!!

:bulletyellow: And try not to bash, yes? ( ' v');
I respect the opinion of everyone, and quite neutral-thoughted to many things. Debating is alright, but I don't tolerate bashing/trolling, or rude comments. Constructive criticism is one thing, but I'd prefer that we keep the tones in a mellow fashion, okay?

:bulletgreen: This is a verbal-friendly zone! :heart:
Be nice and I'll be so in return!

Yaoi, yuri, hetero, whatever-- we can all live along just fine.
Love is love, romantic or not, let's keep it that way, please~?

Sorry, I only do requests, gifts, and the like just for close friends.

With that, a friendship is built over time, just asking to be my "friend" isn't how it works, right? That's manipulative in my book. ( . _.);
Please do not force me to do things, for I may take it cynically. :<

Related Peoples:
:iconmarykosmosver2: (Sister)
:iconoombala: (Cousin)
:iconflowingsakura: (Cousin)

RL Bubbies:

Mabinogi: Tsuxii, Paing, Pitto, Chroms (All in Tarlach)

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RainbowApparatus Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I have a question, Since you seem to be REALLY good at making UTAU VBs, where could I download UTAU, and what would be some good tips to make a voice?
MewKwota Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
D'ohh, well, I wouldn't say I'm really-uber good with the program or anything, but thank you...! ^^;

But onto your actual question, UTAU's main site to get it download is here, with the English patch version being the first-most link under the first Download section. But! Before you download and install UTAU, please remember to change your computer's locale to Japanese! Otherwise UTAU cannot read anything Hiragana or the like. You may need to check your computer's version to find out how to change the locale, it varies on the type.

As for tips on recording a bank, I assume you're just going to start with the simple Japanese CV, where you record sounds as just separate syllables like "a", "ka", "sa", etc. :meow:

With that, you'd need a decent mic (headset with one is cool too, that's what I used), and a recording program like Audacity, Oremo, etc. To make sure your VB is nice and clear, it's best to ensure your recordings are consistent (tone, voice, volume, the so forth) and clear.

This Devi's recording list (aka: reclist) should have the sounds you need to record: [link]

You can choose to name your files in either Hiragana or Romaji, and then alias them as the other too.
But that's on the case for when you configure your VB in the UTAU program after recording. We can get to that after you finished making the sounds, and feel free to shoot me a message again once you get there. :meow:

I'm sorry for the somewhat confusing explanation. I've been asked this many times, and I've never made a proper-styled response to these sorta things, and end up spewing a whole talk about the basics of recording instead of tips to record. Looking at a tutorial helps to get the gist as well.

But again, if there's anything that doesn't seem clear, or a problem comes up, don't sweat about asking me for more clarification. I'd like to help out as best I can. Otherwise, good luck on making your first UTAU! ( ' v')b
RainbowApparatus Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very, very much! this is a HUGE help, so hopefully I can make a decent one, haha!
MewKwota Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
You're very welcome! I hope that things will go smoothly for you, then! :D
Otherwise, if anything odd comes about, I have no problem at all to help answer any other Q's you may have. ( ' V')b
Yo Mew, apparently ya wanted to do matches with me? I'm sorry if missed the messages again!

To be honest, Miiverse starts to feel kinda primitive way to invite people to play compared to real-time messaging for 'em. Isn't there other way we could meet up and arrange matches?

Perhaps you could tell me when you're mostly free to play with, and if you just appear to be online here, then we could play?
MewKwota Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
That would probably be better if I had mentioned it earlier, huh? My bad! ^^;
But you're right, totally. I noticed that you can't check your messages while Online via the Character Select Screen or even looking at your Friends List-- how inconvenient. So I don't mean to put you on a poke-poke light, it was just mere bad timing on my part. ( > ,<);

Mostly I may be open around to play Smash around 10am-ish where I am, though tomorrow I might be wanting to fidge around an MMORPG before getting onto Smash and I don't know if I'll be Online then.
I've always been bad with arranging dates, they make me nervous, buu~! ( ; ~; )
IndyGoNagaretton Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015
It's okay - I still wish we had better way to jump in though for a play - something like what Splatoon does ATM.

Okkii ~ Can you tell me what part of US you live at then? Not meaning to ask anything from your personal side, but it'd help me get the timezone that you are at and pinpoint then the hour differences between mine. That way I can easily check if you're around in the time you're possibly free easier.
MewKwota Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
No-no, don't worry, I'm around the furthest west coast-- so, PST time zone.
In other words, our differences are rather far away, maybe 8-10 hours?
(1 Reply)
Rockgirl-Savvy Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Student General Artist
Hi. Have you been well? ^^
MewKwota Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, hiya-huu! :meow:
I've been busy with spewing art since those Digital Announcements came around, but personally I'm trying to take it easy so my skin stays manageable. Otherwise, it's been well for me, sorry! ^^;

How about yourself? ( ' ,');
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