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About Traditional Art / Student Just Call Me EldinFemale/United States Groups :iconfe-rp: FE-RP
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My art is drawn by-hand, in-pen~! :dummy:
They're just labeled "Digital" because I color on Photoshop!

My gallery is mainly composed of everything Nintendo, though more specifically Smash Bros.-related. There may possibly be other wonderful goodies, but mostly stuff that's got some Smash-relation or another.

What's polyvalency?
I have it so my art is generally able to be enjoyed by everyone. While I may have my interpretation as the creator, the pictures can be interpreted in more than one way, so there shouldn't be much argument in what something could mean. Otherwise, I ask that we please stay respectful.

Don't like? X-out!!
Hey, I'm not forcing you to look at my stuff.
It won't hurt my feelings if you don't.
Just please keep your meanies-n-hate to yourself, thanks~! :heart::heart::heart:

Well, at least ask me first, kyuul? I reply fairly quickly!
I'd just like to know what you're using it for. ( ' v')b




Oh hey, another random tag, whoop! ( o 3o);
Well, at least it can try to get my brain running again, it's been flying about as of late. Again. ^^;
This time by MoonThePegasus22

So then, I begin again~
It's just answering questions this time, I think. I'm not gonna bother with the rules, tagging-Q's-n-all. :dummy:

1. Have you ever had a crush on any video game or movie character?..
Yes I have, I won't deny it since we've all practically had one at once, right? If I could remember at my earliest, my first VG-crush was probably Roy when he first appeared in Melee.
2. Sonic, Mario, Lara croft, Master chief, Altiar (assassins creed), Chell (portal) or Spyro?
Spyro was part of my childhood, and Sonic was a slight tad of my middle school years, but right now I kinda side with Mario. Nothing personal on any of this, I guess I'd pick him?
3. Dragons or phoenixes?
Hmm~ Toughy, but I think I'd have to stick with dragons. I wanna small cuddly one. ( o wo);
4. Horse, donkey or camel?
I had a thing for horses a bit when I was ten? :shrug:
5. Scorpion (get over here!) or Ryu (HARDOUKEN!!)?
Ryu. No Smash bias or anything, I would prefer a guy with a good heart than another whose capable of tearing them out.
6. Primal rage, Street fighter, Clay fighter, Mortal Kombat or Killer instinct? (fighting games)
Uhhh, I only know two of these games and have heard of three. I'm not very good at any of them...! ( ; ~; )
7. Oh noes!!! evil pokemon coming to invade yo planet! WHAT'LL WE DO?!?!
Same thing we always do. Rely on Ash Ketchum the "Chosen One" to deal with everything.
8. Favourite element? (Wind, electricity, Ice, Fire, Water, Earth, Spiritual *like telekinesis* or POWER OF LOVE!!)
Simple, wind~ :music:

I think I may be still out of it, someone surprise me. :noes:
(No, you don't have to do that, really!)
No taggies, take care~ ( ^ ,^);
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MewKwota's Profile Picture
Just Call Me Eldin
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Info About La Moi~
Age: "No" :|
Gender: Female
Species: Something Between a Raichu and a Human?
Ethnicity: 'Murican-born Vietnamese
Height: Mario<Me<Tsux
Weight: Pikachu<Me<Tsux
Aliases: Mew, Eldin, Clefairy35(my comic name)

Likes: Drawing, Nintendo, Smash Bros, Apple Juice, Ducks, Platypi, UTAU, VOCALOID, Learning about Cultures/Languages, Hetalia, Mini Food Erasers, Voice Acting, Sushi, Crossovers
Dislikes: Bashing/Trolling, Bad Language, Lint, Ants, Anything that looks like skin infection, Racism, Dishonesty, Being Cliche just to Fit In, Being Mean, Heavy Breathing, Shipping wars
I won't ever declare what fandoms/shippings/etc. I'm not into, I worry that I'll hurt someone's feelings. You'll need to ask me if you are so greatly curious, cool? ( ; v; )b

:bulletred: Nice to meet you, all!
Outside of Devi, I am currently a Pharmaceutical Chemistry major attending the University of "None of Your Business".
I am also the creator/voice-provider of UTAU Tsux Namine and the other PANloids, not to mention a major Nin-nerd (my name for Nintendo-fan).
I am a "bit" obsessed with the Smash Bros. Series... So much that I could talk hours about it.

:bulletorange: I'm quite friendly with people, so I ain't gonna bite anyone~ Interesting conversations and comments are welcome!
Enjoy the art~!!

:bulletyellow: And try not to bash, yes? ( ' v');
I respect the opinion of everyone, and quite neutral-thoughted to many things. Debating is alright, but I don't tolerate bashing/trolling, or rude comments. Constructive criticism is one thing, but I'd prefer that we keep the tones in a mellow fashion, okay?

:bulletgreen: This is a verbal-friendly zone! :heart:
Be nice and I'll be so in return!

Yaoi, yuri, hetero, whatever-- we can all live along just fine.
Love is love, romantic or not, let's keep it that way, please~?

Sorry, I only do requests, gifts, and the like just for close friends.

With that, a friendship is built over time, just asking to be my "friend" isn't how it works, right? That's manipulative in my book. ( . _.);
Please do not force me to do things, for I may take it cynically. :<

Related Peoples:
:iconmarykosmosver2: (Sister)
:iconoombala: (Cousin)
:iconflowingsakura: (Cousin)

RL Bubbies:

Mabinogi: Tsuxii, Paing, Pitto, Chroms (All in Tarlach)

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YoshiKid141 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Incoming random question: who do you main in SSB4?
MewKwota Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, random question taken! :D

Well, Mega Man is my main-main and my other main is Marth-- who's been with me since Melee so I trust him tons. :nod:
As for secondaries, I don't really have any stable choices I am super comfortable with using 100%. I'm otherwise always spam-choosing Rock or Marth. ^^;
YoshiKid141 Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Since this smash is my first, I mained Yoshi. Much later I got into Kid icarus. Now I main Pit, dark pit, palutena, and mewtwo.
I would take robin, duck hunt, lucina and roy for my secondaries.
The villager is the creepiest of them all. He beats anyone and just smiles and builds a house on someone and it blows up. What kind of kid is this?! lol
IndyGoNagaretton Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yo Mew, I'm planning to do a new account sometime in the future. Kinda like... well, start do something completely new. Had like 8 years past me which was me not much developing art-wise (even if I did some things here and there) and while I made friends, I keep finding them moving past me when it comes to artistic skill, and sorta feel sad that I'm not entirely caring enough of myself to follow a path. It's quite undeniable that I've become a plain loner in DA, and haven't really bothered talking with much people because I noticed that since the times I stopped self-fulfilling myself through art of others (given or not), I sorta had become quite apathetic to having success in it's stead. Despite really desiring to express my thoughts and myself through art.

I guess this is majorly helped by the fact that despite me even sometimes I've questioning, even bit denying it now and then, I have become exceptionally good at Smashing (when putting mind into it of course.). I'm just well, better than ever before. Substantially better.

I guess because I had actually started to take mistakes less into heart, and more as a way to push myself ahead. See what is out there to learn, try to take in the limits and "hit the stone walls" until I get it right. Or find a way that suits me best. And as of these times, it has very much started to emerge in my skill - with more control over the match after what I've learned since SSB4's release (which has me seriously get into competitive Smashing), I've also found new depth and opportunities, which basically renders me to only lose to those who keep pushing the game or their characters to absolute limits. Though I still need to adjust on stages here and there, but yeah.

I try to apply this supportive mindset to improve into drawing and writing now, which means less trying to run away from having flaws, and instead work them out. And well, just stay tenacious and always working over time. Though I first need to find my "pace" and work out my preferred methods out of the basics given. 

I hope ya wish me luck! (-lvl-)´
MewKwota Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Oh boy, trying about a clean slate can sometimes help the mind a little, wouldn't it? :nod:
The good things is you are taking this step now other than waiting, as doing nothing isn't going to get one anywhere, hm? Well, whatever you've got prepared for yourself, you have my full-on Support.

Just keep going with what you're reaching for and of course, if you run into some whoospies, do try to use them to an advantage. And most importantly, it's all about you and your focus, so don't sweat about other people's expectations.

If you end getting that new account put together, feel free to shoot me a how-dee-do~!
I've love to swing a friendly glance every once in a while at your progress-- of course, if it's cool with you on me following so.

Anywho, wish you luck and all them other stat boosts! ( J^ ,^)J*+++*
dabomb29 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Your avatar is cute!
MewKwota Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, why thank you, fellow Devi~! :meow:
dabomb29 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
:) (Smile) 
PrincesAmmy Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey, I'm matsuthecreator (crying marth post ). I saw your DA link on on tumblr and I really like your artwork! Keep up the good work!
MewKwota Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, hello~! I thank you very much for taking the time to check out my lil'Gallery, that really means a lot! :huggle:
And my goodness, that dear little screenshot you caught. That was just too much feeling, ee~!
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